Bahariya Oasis

Bahariya Oasis

Bahariya Oasis is the northernmost oasis of Egypt. This oasis has a particular historical significance as it was an important transit point for the Caravan tracks and the Nile Valley. This is besides being the theatre of great and important archeological finds in modern times. Shaspo Tours gives you the opportunity to visit Bahariya Oasis with its charm Egyptian desert. Choose from our wide selections of Egypt Travel Packages and Egypt Desert Safari.

The name Bahariya was most possibly derived from the word Bahr, which means the sea in the Arabic language. The word more specifically referred to the Mediterranean Sea and generally to the Northern lands of Egypt in ancient times. The pharos named the Bahariya Oasis "Desdes" while the Romans named it "Parva" or the little oasis. 

Bahareya Oasis is located 370 kilometers to the North of Cairo, which made it nearer to the capital of Egypt in comparison to other remote oasis like Siwa or Al Kharga. This is maybe why many Carians and tourists who visit Cairo prefer to travel to the Bahareya if they want to try the taste of the lifestyle in an Egyptian oasis. The Bahareya consists of a large depression in the desert that is 94 kilometers long and 40 kilometers wide. The oasis also contains a number of huge mountains like Gebel Ghurabi, Gebel Maghrafa, Gebel Dist, or Gebel El Englizi, or the English Mountain.

If travelling north from Farafra to Bahariya, it is worth stopping at Gebel el-Izaz, or ‘Crystal Mountain’, about 25km before reaching the escarpment on the modern road down into Bahariya Oasis. This small mountain is formed with a large proportion of quartz crystal, and gives a wonderful view over the desert from the top. One of the nearby rocks has a hole in the centre and there are lots of small pieces of crystal strewn around.
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