Aswan is the city of the sun, it is located in southern Egypt, an old border province located about 81 kilometers south of the city of Luxor. Aswan is a town small enough to wander around and walk on the shore of the River Nile, the life in the city is characterized by its slow lifestyle and relaxing atmosphere. Where it is possible to watch the sailing boats or sitting in floating restaurants listening to Nubian music and eating fresh fish. 


Aswan is the most beautiful city on the banks of the Nile River, as it is the most favorite winter resort for all people since the nineteenth century. 


Aswan is located on the east bank of the Nile River, where you can enjoy relaxing, visit some mosques, also there is a bazaar extends along the Corniche consists of a number of shops that displays many of the artifacts belonging to the Nubian folklore.


The city of Aswan, and its surroundings, is an archaeological and touristic area attracting a large number of foreign tourists, especially from Europe and East Asia. 


The most famous landmarks in Aswan:

Elephantine Island, dating back to the pre-dynastic period, there is also the island of the plants, popular for its exotic tropical plants, which still fascinates everyone. In the West Bank, there are the royal tombs for nobles in the Pharaonic era. There is also the tomb of Mohammed Shah Aga Khan, who died in 1957, also known as Aga Khan Mausoleum, it is a lovely place famous for its simplicity. Close to it there is the monastery of St. Simeon, which was built in the sixth century.


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