The White Desert

The White Desert

Every day the sun shines on one of the most stunning places on the planet, where fantastic glacial formations rises from the surface of the bright desert. 

Here in the White Desert, fantasy is mixed with reality in exquisite dances, where you can witness a variety of landscapes and natural phenomena, seas of sand, rugged slopes, and oases with many myths. 


The White Desert protected area is located in the vast western desert of Egypt, 13 kilometers to the north of Farafra Oasis in the New Valley governorate, covering an area of 3900 square kilometers, the vegetation is spreading in lowlands scattered across this desert.


Visiting The White Desert is a charming experience that any one should try, that’s why Shaspo Tours offers and organizes Egypt Tour Packages as well as Day Tours in Egypt to that extremely wonderful place.


Try Egypt Desert Safari with Shaspo Tours Egypt, Get to know the mysterious parts of Egypt’s desert and feel the stunning beauty of its landscapes. Try a Trip to The Legendary Pyramids and Desert Safari or Book Egypt Desert Safari Tour from Luxor, Also we offers an amazing opportunity to explore Egypt’s charm of the past and the adventurous atmosphere of its natural wonders with Egypt Safari Adventure.


The region has become a pleasure for tourists, as they enjoy the picturesque and calm atmosphere and great scenery, it looks from afar like a residential town .. and when approaching it looks like the snowy mountains of purity whiteness.. If you stood in front of its rocks you it appears like professional artist-made statues.


The area is part of the Sahara Desert that, which approximately the size of the Atlantic Ocean, this desert witnessed its share of irrational dreams and big romantic myths, many strangers tried to conquer this land but failed, it's a world of drifting sand and fleeting wealth.

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