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The Road to Mecca begins as you Shaspo Tours Pilgrimage.For those faithful of the Islamic Faith, it is decreed that, if able, one should make the Haj once during his or her lifetime. 

Especially for Moslem brethren, who live in other countries, planning for such an important event in life Shaspo Tours helps you fulfill your religious obligations and exerts the utmost efforts to ensure your comfort and convenience as you go about your religious duties.

The best time to begin planning for this events is now. And this is where we can help.

Shaspo Tours is one of the largest privately tours company in Egypt, Owned by Mr. Wael Fouad Sultan

Shaspo has been in the travel industry nearly 26 years. Nearly half of those years have been dedicated to serving the needs of Hajj and Omrah pilgrims. We take pride in knowing that we have successfully provided travel arrangement packages for over 4,000 persons, ranging from a single individual to a family of 12 , Shaspo Tours offers a diverse range of Hajj & Omrah packages to over 14 different exciting destinations and many parts of the world. Accommodations are in carefully selected, whether you prefer deluxe, standard or budget accommodation, each request for Hajj or Omrah travel is always handled with care and attention to detail. Shaspo Tours has carefully chosen a range of hotels in Jeddah, Mecca and Madinah to suit your requirements.

Round trip air travel from the U.S. to Mecca

(Shaspo Tours has very special, low air fare rates with Egyptair and Saudia for Haj & Omra travel)

Shaspo Tours offering the following services during Hajj & Omrah : 

-Transportation from the airport to hotel

- Daliy transportation to el Harram

- Special services for physically challenged pilgrims

- Hotel accommodation in Mecca that fit your budget (Category A – 5 Star, to 3 Star)

- All Shaspo recommended hotels are fully air conditioned, provide daily maid service, have fully   

  equipped -restaurants and room service, and are fully sanctioned by, and meet all requirements of, the   

  Saudi Arabian Government for services to be provided to pilgrims of Haj or Omra.

Your choice of full board (3 meals per day) or “bed and breakfast”


(Special vegetarian or dietary meals provided upon request)


- Guaranteed airline and hotel reservations

- The services provided by Shaspo Tours are not ending with just transportation and hotel accommodations. But with no additional cost, we also provide:

- A written itinerary of daily events and times for the Hajj pilgrim. In addition we provide explanation and 

  guidance as to the clothes to bring, length of hair, and the customs and requirements of Hajj pilgrims 

  while in Mecca and Saudi Arabia.

- A seasoned Shaspo Tours assistant is available from the moment you arrive in Mecca until your 

  departure, to guide you in your daily activities or to provide any service you may need.

- A fully licensed medical doctor on call specifically for Shaspo clients. 

- Daily – cold, bottled water (a definite necessity in the hot desert area of Mecca)

The number of requests to the Saudi Government for a Hajj Visa increases every year. So it is very important that both a flight and hotel accommodation be booked as early soon as possible. If you are considering making the next Hajj or Omra, now is the time to begin planning. Shaspo Tours can make all the necessary arrangements.

Shaspo Tours Omra Programs include visits to historical sites in 

Mecca and Madinah as well as shopping opportunities in Jeddah, 

with its abundance of malls and shops offering all ranges of goods     

from designer fashions to electronic items.

Omrah Stopover are offered to those who want to perform Omrah

when travelling from one country to another, using Jeddah as

a transit stop. This is a convenient way for travelers from America

to Asia, and vice versa to be able to fulfill their religious obligations

while going about their normal travel activities, whether these be for

business, tourism or to visit friends and relatives.
Shaspo Tours is a member of ASTA, IATA, E.T.A.A “Egyptian

Travel Agents association” 

- Some restrictions apply. Hotel and flight reservations are subject

  To cancellation charges at percentages set by the Saudi 

  Governments for hotels, and Egypt Air and Saudi Airlines. Other airlines may also have cancellation  

  charges. Banking information, Down payment and payment schedule available upon request. Master  

  Card, Visa Card accepted. Electronic bank transfers available. Refunds handled through electronic 

  transfer within 7 working days of cancellation.

Please fill the following form, and within short time, we will send you a travel itinerary and cost for your Hajj or Omrah. 


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