Golden Mummies Museum

Golden Mummies Museum

 The Golden Mummies Museum is located about 400 kilometers southwest of Cairo and presents about a thousand mummy dating back to the Roman era, in addition to those discovered in 1999 in Bahariya and Farafra Oasis. One of the most notable mummies of the Museum is the mummy of the governor’s wife, dating back to the twenty-sixth Pharaonic dynasty, which were found in a tomb carved into the rocks in the Valley of the mummies. a group of golden shapes were  recently found and considered masterpieces of art, also the cemetery of the ruler of Bahariya Oasis (Jdhtsu Aeoff Ank) of the twenty-sixth dynasty.

In 1999 the first excavation in Bahariya Oasis, Egypt, started under the direction of the Egyptian explorer Dr Zahi Hawass, a total 108 mummies were found in four tombs, the cemetery said that it, which was thought to cover 6KM, has been estimated to include more than 10.000 mummies.

The museum also displays the mummy of a two years old child, and after examination a winged snake Amulet of gold was found on his forehead. In addition to the mummies of a couple with the wife's face direction changed to face her husband reflecting reflecting.


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