Philae Temple

Philae Temple

The Philae Tepmle located at Philae Island, which is an island in the middle of the Nile River, one of the strongest forts along the southern border of Egypt, separating the Nile River in Aswan into to two channels, where was the Philae Temple before it has been moved from its original location and recollected on the island of “Ojeljka”, in the wake of building the High Dam.

The name of Philae or Vilay comes from the Greek language, which means (beloved) or (granules), the Arabic name is (Anas El Wogood) as the legend in the stories of One Thousand and One Night, Anas. As for its ancient and Coptic name, it was Bilak or Balakh and means the end because it wasthe end of the Egyptian borders in the south.

There is a large temples on the island of Philae Perhaps the oldest of these temples dating back to the reign of King Tuthmosis III (1490-1436 BC). In the fourth century BC, the king of “Nakht Npf" (378-341 BC.) built a huge temple, then "Ptolemy Veladlv" (third century BC) built his large temple.

As one of the main attractions in Egypt, the Philae Temple in a primary tourist destination, thus Shaspo  Tours offers and organizes many day tours in Aswan and a wide selection of Egypt Holidays and travel packages to visit such a wonderful place, also you can enjoy a unique sound and light show at the Temple of Philae.

Philae Temple was originally built for the worship of the goddess "Isis", as it was believed that she found the heart of her husband, "Osiris" (after his villain brother "sit" killed him) on the island of "Philae", so the island became sacred. 

Today, visitors boats reaches the "Oglica" island, where the temple is located now, and leave them at the base of the hall "Nectanebo", the oldest parts of the Philae Temples. 
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