Valley of the Queens

Valley of the Queens

Valley of the queens:

The valley of the Queens is called "Pipan Al Harem" also stated in the ancient Egyptian texts as "Ta sit Nefro", which means a beautiful place, and located at the west bank of the city of Thebes, which make it easy to visit in all Luxor Tours. It is a place allocated to the tombs of queens and princesses of the Nineteenth Dynasty until the end of the Twentieth Dynasty.

This valley is a premiere destination in all Egypt Holidays, contains more than seventy tombs most of them are empty of the inscriptions and texts, perhaps the most important tomb in the Valley is the tomb of Nefertari, wife of King Ramses II bearing the number (66). 

Around ninety tombs were identified in the Valley, some of these tombs are just simple holes in the ground, while others take the form of corridors along a straight axis or L-shaped small side rooms. 

Valley of the Queens is an important sight to visit in from Safag Port, once you dcide to ejoy Safaga Shore Excursions, Valley of th Queens will be your perfect destination.


Tomb of Queen Nefertari No. 66:

The tomb was discovered in 1904, the tomb belongs to queen Nefertarim, the wife of the famous King "Ramses II", it seems that she was the most beloved one of his wives, and image is carved and illustrated on the walls of the tomb.

One can go down to the tomb of Queen "Nefertari" by a staircase leads to the door of the tomb, followed by another staircase that leads to a medium-sized room. If the visitor stood in the center he will find a frieze rising towards length of a normal man, and above this frieze the walls are decorated with beautiful carvings represents this queen playing a game similar to chess. As for the on the right there is a door connected to a side room, where the walls are decorated with beautifully colored inscriptions. 

Finally we get to the burial chamber, which contains four columns in two rows and the windows are decorated with traditional inscriptions represents the Queen in various relationship with the gods, and between these columns is a big gap allocated to the coffin, the burial chamber is characterized by three cabins one to the right and one to the left while the other located at the front.

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