Karnak Temple

Karnak Temple

Karnak Temple is one of the main landmarks of Luxor, Egypt, as every king of the successive kings tries to make most spectacular temple in order to distinguish himself from his predecessor, so the temples of Karnak turned into a complete guide showing stages of the evolution of ancient Egyptian art and the distinctive Pharaonic architecture.


The Temple of Karnak, or "temples of Karnak" Due to the numerous temples that was created inside, is one of the greatest temples constructed in the history of ancient Egypt, and the largest house of worship in the world. The temples of Karnak serve as historical track record of the history and civilization of Egypt starting from the Middle Kingdom until the rule of the Ptolemies of Egypt. As kings of Egypt constructed chapels and gates on the campus of Karnak in line with the policies that were followed to please the gods and priests of Egypt The monuments of the Karnak Temple gives a clear picture of the history of Egypt in the strength and prosperity and in the weakness and decay for a period of time of up to two thousand years begins almost from the Middle State.


The temples of Karnak include ten edifices, six of which are on the east-west axis, and four on the north-south axis. In addition to the Temple of Rameses III, and a celebration hall of King Thutmose III, Amon Park, grandparents chamber, the sacred lake, the Open Museum and a group of statues of the goddess Sekhmet.


There are two obelisks standing in the Temple of Karnak, one of Queen Hatshepsut, and the other of King Thutmose I, in addition to the broken parts of the obelisk of Hatshepsut and others.


The Great Temple of Karnak is characterized by the marvelous Sound and Light shows which is held every evening, that considers a great way to discover the secrets of the famous Temple. 


The distance between Luxor and Karnak is about 3 kilometers, punctuated by a large number of small sphinxes on both sides of the road or what is known as the way of rams.

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