Sultan Al Muayyad Mosque

Sultan Al Muayyad Mosque

Sultan Al Muayyad Mosque is a Mosque in Cairo, Egypt next to Bab Zuwayla built by the Mamluk sultan Al-Mu'ayyad Sayf ad-Din Shaykh from whom it takes its name. It is one of the finest examples of the Mamluk architecture in Egypt, Started construction in 1415 and was completed in 1421, replacing a prison that was originally next to Bab Zuweiyla. Because of its site, the mosque, or at least it's minarets, became a land mark of Cairo. It is said that Sultan al-Muayyad was a pious and oppressive man, but he was also a musician and poet.

The historian Al-Maqrizi tells that it was in the same prison where Sultan al Muayyad was imprisoned. The future sultan suffered from such lice and fleas that he made a promise that when if he came to power, he would transform the prison into a beautiful place for the education of scholars. There was a great ceremony for its opening, when al-Mu'ayyad and his Mamluk entourage came down from the Citadel. According to reports, the water basin in the middle of the vast courtyard was filled with liquefied sugar and sweets were offered, along with lectures and much ceremony.
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