Sakkara Pyramid

Sakkara Pyramid

The site of Sakkara Pyramid is one of the most extensive sites in Egypt. It was also the cemetery for Memphis. It is dominated by the Step Pyramid of King Zoser “Sakkara Pyramid”. The Pyramid goes back to 2700 BC. It is one of the oldest stone structures in the world. Sakkara site is rich with a lot of tombs from the 1st and 2nd Dynasties. Most of these tombs are made of mud bricks, but some tombs are made of limestone and decorated with their daily life scenes. This extensive site is divided into, the Southern side and the northern side. The Southern side is dominated by Sakkara Pyramid and the Northern one contains the Pyramid of King Titi, and Mastaba tombs of the old kingdom.   

On the northern side is the original entrance of the Pyramid. And you will notice a little room that is built with a gradient angle, similar to the Pyramid itself. In there was found a beautiful statue of King Zoser made of limestone, it was moved to the Egyptian museum in Cairo and replaced by a replica.

Down Sakkara Pyramid there is a maze of little corridors and tunnels! Found in some of these tunnels more than 30, 000 jars, which were made out of several types of stone, alabaster, marble, diorite and slate. The Pyramid is surrounded by a rectangular enclosure wall that measure 277m by 544m, mostly ruined today, but it was originally 10m high. You can see parts of it today. In the southeastern part of the wall you will find the entrance to the complex, the entrance leads you to a colonnade that has 40 columns. Each column is attached to the wall behind, the style is called engaged columns, and they were built to ensure that they would be able to endure the heavy weight of the ceiling. 

Sakkara Pyramid was built for King Zoser, one of the greatest Kings of the third dynasty (2721-2780 BC). The Pyramid was designed and built by his great architect Imhotep. It was built as a step Pyramid, 60m high, and consisting of 6 steps; each one built on top of each other and smaller than the one below.

Today it is considered as one of the oldest stone structures built by man, and the first time the Ancient Egyptians would attempt to use limestone. Zoser's Pyramid is entirely built of limestone, small bricks of limestone, and not of the best quality, and yet it has remained for more than 4700 years.
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