Ras Mohamed National Park

Ras Mohamed National Park

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The boundaries of Ras Mohammed National Park extend from a point opposite the Qad Ibn Haddan lighthouse on the Gulf of Suez to the southern boundary of the Nabq Protectorate on the Gulf of Suez. The area includes the island of Tiran and all shorelines fronting Sharm el Sheikh tourism development area.

Coral reef ecosystems that are found in Ras Mohammed are recognized internationally as among the world's best. This recognition is based primarily on the diversity of flora and fauna, clear, warm water devoid of pollutants, their proximity to shorelines and their spectacular vertical profile. The reef exists as an explosion of color and life in stark contrast to the seemingly barren desert adjacent to it. In reality, the desert is rich in fauna, mainly nocturnal. These ecosystems are intrinsically linked and thus must be managed as a single unit.

Ras Mohamed National Park offers outstanding coral reef and nature viewing experiences to the visitor: 
  • The Eel Garden, named for its population of garden eels at 20m, also provides excellent during calm conditions.
  • The Main Beach, often crowded, remains one of the best locations to see vertical coral walls. Access is restricted to the left side of the bay.
  • The Old Quay, often calm but having more turbid water, has some of the best shallow water reef structure.
  • Marsa Bareika, newly opened with superior corals, calm water and excellent beaches.
  • Mangrove Channel - Hidden Bay are the best locations to view resident or migratory birds such as Herons, White Stark, Osprey, etc.


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