Hatshepsut Temple

Hatshepsut Temple

Hatshepsut Temple is one of the most popular temples in the world. Also known as “El-Deir El-Baharey Temple” because the Christians used it as a monastery in the seventh century AD.


Queen Hatshepsut:

The name of Hatshepsut means in the ancient Egyptian language “the favorite mistress of all ladies to Amon”. She is the daughter of King Tuthmosis I and wife of Tuthmosis II and stepmother of Tuthmosis III. 


Queen Hatshepsut, the fifth pharaoh of the Eighteenth Dynasty ruled from 1503 BC. Till 1482 BC. Her era was characterized by the strong military force, construction and the trips she has mad. She was the eldest daughter of the Pharaoh of Egypt King Thutmose I and her mother was Queen Ahmos.


This queen left many mysteries and secrets and perhaps the most exciting of those mysteries is the "Senenmut" an engineer who built her famous temple at Deir el-Bahari, as awarded him 80 titles and he was responsible for the care of her only daughter. He loved his queen so much to the extent of digging a tunnel between her Necropolis and his tomb. 


Design of the temple:

The temple was designed and constructed by engineer "Senenmut", who belongs to the family of "Armant".  But with great efforts he became responsible for welcoming the royal family and god "Amun", also he became responsible for all construction. So he achieved the greatest professional successes in the history of ancient Egypt, he has supervised the establishment and transfer of the obelisks that was built by "Hatshepsut" in the temple of "Amen-Ra" at Karnak. But the funerary temple of Queen "Hatshepsut" is a unique masterpiece and a model of innovation.


“Senenmut” has removed a temple of king Amenhotep I and another small temple of the 11th Dynasty to establish this temple, as the process of its construction began in the seventh year of the era of Queen" Hatshepsut ". 


The temple is unique for its construction in a classical design. You can see the terrace of the temple filled with long rows of columns with a height 97 feet, towers, squares and hall ceiling based on the columns. Inside the temple, you can see the sun room and small temple and the altar. the inscriptions on the walls of the temple tells the story of the holy birth of Queen Hatshepsut and HER commercial trips to the Puntland, now known as the modern state of Somalia or the Arabian Peninsula.

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