Valley of the Kings

Valley of the Kings

Valley of the Kings: 

Valley of the Kings, also known as “wadi El Pipan”, Is one of the main Egypt Attractions, it is a valley in Egypt used over 500 years ago during the period between the sixteenth and eleventh BC to construct the tombs of pharaohs and nobles of the modern state extended through the eighteenth dynastic era until the twentieth dynasty of Ancient Egypt, the valley is located on the West Bank of the Nile River in  the face of Teba (now Luxor), the Valley of the Kings is divided into two valleys, the East Valley (where most of the royal tombs) and the West Valley.

The recent discovery of the burial chamber in 2006 (known as the tomb of 63) in addition to the discovery of other entrances to the same room during the year 2008, makes The number of tombs discovered so far 63 tombs varying sizes ranging from a small hole in the ground and even the complex cemetery composition containing more than 120 burial chamber inside.

All these tombs were used to bury the kings and princes of the modern state in ancient Egypt in addition to some of the nobles who relate to the royal family at the time. The royal tombs are characterized by graphics and inscriptions of ancient Egyptian mythology describing the religious beliefs in that time.

Exploring the valley:

You can visit Valley of the Kings through a wide selection of Egypt Holidays & Excursions, or In a Shore Excursions  from Safag Port. However, The area of the Valley of the Kings is one of the largest areas for archaeological explorations of Egyptology over the last two centuries, after it was just a tourist site in ancient times (especially in the Roman era), this area was also a witness to the transformation that accrued to the systematic study of the history of ancient Egypt, which started from theft and looting of monuments till the recent explorations.

Tombs of the Valley:

There are more than 60 tombs in the Valley of the Kings, varying in size from a small tomb carved in the form of one room, to a cemetery full of more than 110 rooms and corridor!. Most of these tombs were found stolen when re-discovered, but the little ones like the tomb of, "Tutankhamun" (No. 62 Valley of the Kings) and the tomb of "Yuya and Thuya” contains thousands of precious artifacts. Some of these tombs were known and available to visit in ancient times, as evidenced by the drawings of Greek and Latin.

The tomb of King "Tutankhamun":

It is the tomb No. 62, which is the most famous and richest tomb in the world, gathering a large amount of valuable and magnificent monuments that stunned the world. Some circumstances helped the survival of this tomb, due to the construction of another tomb next to it making it disappear from sight. This tomb has been detected on Nov. 4 1922 by the English Lord "Carnarvon" and his British assistant, "Howard Carter". 

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