Pharaonic Village

Pharaonic Village

The Pharaonic Village:

If you are fond, and lover, of the ancient Pharaonic civilization , there is only one place that you will fulfill your passion, and this place is the Pharaonic Village.

Inside the Pharaonic Village in Cairo you will find the Pharaonic life as it was before in terms of the types of housing, which was inhabited by the Pharaohs and most important work they have done and the embodiment of the life of the ancient Egyptian and also the most important information about pharaonic families, art of mummification, and the most important religious beliefs and social development.

Here in Shaspo Tours Egypt we offer a unique tour to the Pharaonic Village in addition to a wide selection of Cairo Tours & Holidays.

Most important characteristic of the Pharaonic Village that it is a place for all members of the family, so if you want to inform your children about ancient Egyptian civilization, you must take them to the Pharaonic Village, where kids enjoy watching Pharaonic statues and life in an attractive way.

Tourists often visit the Pharaonic Village to identify the most important information about the ancient Egyptian civilization in addition to gathering information about the pyramids  and the construction methods in Pharaonic civilization.


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