Taghri Bardi Mosque

Taghri Bardi Mosque

Taghri Bardi Mosque is one of the mosques that were built in the mamluk Period. It is one of the earliest examples of a religious structure in which it forms a 45° angle with the street façade. However, the architect, instead of filling the space between diverging walls, he introduced small recesses that are often used for light and air shafts. Dating back to 1440, the funerary complex of Amir (Taghri) Bardi is located on Saliba Street in Cairo, behind the immense Qalawun funerary complex. 

Taghri Bardi Mosque was erected by Taghri Bardi El-Rumy who was a very famous Emir during the reign of Sultan Barsbay, and was the leader of the army that invaded the Crusader kingdom of Cyprus. The most beautiful parts of the mosque are its two facades. The first one overviews Saliba Street, the other Façade has a door where you can reach the mausoleum and the madrasa.
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