pyramid of khendjer

pyramid of khendjer

Pyramid of Khendjer built at the era of the 13th dynasty pharaoh Khendjer, Pyramid of Khendjer is the only pyramid has been finished during the 13th dynasty, Pyramid of Khendjer was discovered by Gustave Jéquier in 1929.


Pyramid of Khendjer is situated in South Saqqara, The main pyramid currently lies in ruins, due to some damaging resulting from the excavations by Gustave Jéquier and now just high only about one meter above the desert sand.
Pyramid of Khendjer enclosed by two walls, from outside, made of mudbrick, from inside, made of limestone and patterned with niches and panels.
At the north of the pyramid of Khendjer is a subsidiary pyramid, which is thought to have been prepared for the burials of two of Khendjer's queens, This pyramid has a simple design it starts with a corridor then a stairway and ramp lead to a corridor and through two barriers before reaching the antechamber. 
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