EL Muizz Street

EL Muizz Street

EL Muizz Street Is not only the biggest open air Islamic museum in Egypt but in the whole world as the length of the street is almost one kilometer. And it is importance came from housing variety of monuments which were built by different rulers and elites who lived in Cairo in the Fatimid period and later on.


The street was built originally according to an order from the fourth Fatimid Caliph (El-moez le din Ellah ) that’s why it is called EL Muizz. The Street located between an important gates of Old Cairo Bab El Futtuh from the north to Bab Zwella to the south, those gates originally were built to surround and secure the capital of Egypt, Cairo.


The Street includes a lot of monuments which shows the architectural features of the Islamic art such as mosques, Schools, houses and sabils which is a public water fountain for drinking dedicated to the travelers and all the people

The Street from the direction of Bab El Futtuh in the northern side, starts with the Mosque of El Hakem (El Hakem bi Amr Ellah ) the Six Fatimid Caliph then passing across the road you will find Wikala of Qaytbay, Wikala of Qaytbay, Mosque of Sulayman Agha al-Silihdar which was built in 1839,   


Then Bayt Al-Suhaimy (House of Suhaymi) and it was built in the ottoman period (1648-1796), the house was originally built by  Abdel Wahab El Tablawy but it is called Al-Suhaimy house as the last one who purchased the house was Sheikh Ahmed As-Suhaymi and the house been inherited by his family for several generations and Sheikh Ahmed As-Suhaymi expanded the house and made a lot of restores in the structure, now a days the house is a museum and a lot of artistic festivals are been held there.


In the street as well you can find Mosque of El-Aqmar which was built in the Fatimid era as well by the vizier Al-Ma'mun Al-Bata'ihi during the reign of  Al-Amir bi-Ahkam El-Lah

Another important monument which exists in the street, Sabil-Kuttab of Katkhuda as it represents the Islamic and Ottoman art. Then exists the complex of Qalawun as it includes School, hospital and mausoleum and it was built by sultan Nasir Muhammad Ibn Qalawun


Then in the northern part of the street standing the most important monument which is El-Azhar mosque, it was original built by Al-muiz Le-din Ellah the Fatimid Caliph in 970 AED and it was the oldest Mosques was built in Cairo. 


The Street is one of the amazing sightseeing in Old Cairo it is considered a full complex houses different monuments from different eras.

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