Abu Serga Church

Abu Serga Church

Abu Serga Church known as The Church of St. Sergius and Oajos is one of the most famous churches in ancient Egypt, named after two saints from Syria (Sergius and Oajos) Two well-known soldiers were martyred in Syria during the era of Emperor “Maximnanos” in defense of the Christian faith.


The importance of this church in the first place is due to the existence the holy cave inside it, where the Holy Family hid on their journey escaping the wrath of King “Hrodos” King of the Jews, and that is why the Church is a destination for visitor from all Christian denominations.

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The Church was built in the eleventh century AD, and takes the traditional form of the basilica, which consists of three wings and a circular structure in the east. The Cave of the Holy Family is considered the main structure part of the construction of this church. 
The Church celebrates the anniversary of the coming of Christ to the land of Egypt, on the first of June every year.
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