El Lahun Pyramid

El Lahun Pyramid

El Lahun Pyramid was built by king Senusret II, of the Twelfth Dynasty. It was built of mud brick and was coated in limestone with a height of 48 meters and a base of 106 meters. Located 22 kilometers away from the southern city of Fayoum on a high hill of 12 meters height.


The Lahun Pyramid was opened by the English scientist William Flinders Petrie in 1889, and found inside it a golden cobra which was put on the royal crown and now in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. Also the tomb of Princess Sat Hathor was discovered next to the pyramid with all the treasuries of this tomb at the Egyptian Museum also.


The reign of Senusret II took place during Egypt Middle Kingdom period of 1975-1640 B.C, his pyramid is on an artificial terrace cut from the sloping ground, the amazing fact  about this is that the workers who built the pyramid, later on became part of the funerary cult of the king.

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