Hawara Pyramid

Hawara Pyramid

Hawara pyramid is one of Egypt’s pyramids. It was built by King Amenemhat III of Dynasty 12 in the village of Hawara, just 9 km southeast of the city of Fayoum it is covered with mud-brick and limestone with height of 58 meters and a length of 100 meters at each side. The Hawara Pyramid sometimes called the Black Pyramid, the planning of its lower structure was very complicated and probably influenced by the design of the Skkara Step Pyramid in Cairo.


Amenemhet III made the entrance to his Pyramid in the south instead of the north side, which was used during previous buildings, in order to not b easily found by thieves who would spend a long time in search for the entrance it in the usual side of the Pyramid. In order to do more Persisting in mislead thieves he made a long ladder sliding to a room appears as if it leading to the burial chamber, but the real door to the real burial chamber was led to by a slot in the floor and was blocked by a huge stone weighing forty-five tons. The burial chamber was carved first on the rocks in the form of rectangle with single block of stone in it then it was emptied block very carefully until it became the chamber with four thick walls and was weighed after it was carved about one hundred and ten tons.


The village of Hawara is located six miles or nine kilometers southeast of Fayoum Oasis, it has an ancient name of “Hat wa Aart” which means the footstep. 

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