Fayoum Oasis

Fayoum Oasis

El Fayoum Oasis is one of the most amazing Oases in Egypt. Fayoum hosts many monuments, including a number of unique Pyramids that were established starting from the reign of the Pharos and ending with the period of the Ottomans. It is located 103 km southwest of central Cairo and 85 km from Giza, famous for its fertile land, fruit, vegetables, chickens and beautiful nature.

Fayoum Oasis is unlike the other Egyptian Oases as it is not fed by underground water, but by the River Nile through various canals. This region is extremely rich in many archaeological sites, such as the old City of El-Fayoum (Crocodopolis). The 12th Dynasty pharaoh Amenemhat I (1991-1962 BC) first drained part of the marshes to develop the area for agriculture and also dug a large canal from the Nile. The result of this and further developments by Amenemhat III (1842-1797 BC), who showed great interest in the area and built a pyramid at Hawara, was Lake Moeris (Great Lake), twice the present size and teeming with fish, and an agricultural area to the south renowned for its rich and varied crops.
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